Courses Offered

  • Guitar

    Module 1:

    Technique - How to shift between chords | Strumming techniques & patterns | Alternate Picking | Understanding Rhythm | Playing with a metronome | How to tune your guitar | Finger Picking | Finger Dexterity and independence Exercises | Pentatonic Scale |

    Practical Application- Introduction to popular musical styles like Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Rock n Roll & Pop | Learning Songs | Playing along with backing tracks | Improvisation |

    Module 2:

    Technique - How to play with Hammer ons, Pull offs, Slides, Bends | Understanding Palm Muting | Power Chords | Harmonics and its applications (Open Harmonics, Pinch Harmonics & Harp Harmonics) | Advanced picking patterns | Legato Playing (Playing without Picking) | Advanced Finger Exercises | Scales & Modes | String Skipping | Playing by ear | Arpeggios & Sweep Picking |

    Practical Application- In depth study and breakdown of guitar styles of other bands (Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden etc.) and guitar players (Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Jimmy Hendrix)| Playing in a band and joining the in-house student band | How to perform live | How to interact with the audience | Stage Craft |

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