Josh 2017 is here!

Arcade Musical Arts Society (A.M.A.S.), has a specific intent – to encourage the youth to learn, perform and perpetuate our traditional cultural heritage of Music & Performance Arts. To fulfil this intent, the Society periodically hosts programs and events, allowing appropriate forum for the youth to showcase their skills and talents. The Society further works with the talented youth to unleash their potential, irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

To achieve this end, Arcade Musical Arts Society depends on donations, funds raised by ticket sales of such events, and sponsorships. Proceeds from such sources help AMAS to gather required resources and provide adequate environs to economically weak, but extremely talented children. AMAS also utilizes these funds to organize various workshops where children learn new skills, hone their existing skills and thrive as competent performers.

The Event

What we achieved in Josh 2014 ? Josh 2014 saw about 80 final participants. The final event was attended by over 300 viewers. The chief-guest of the event was Mr. Dinesh Sharma, the ex-Mayor of Lucknow, who is now the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Josh 2017 has its eyes firmly set on a larger canvas!

Furthering AMAS’sraison d'etre to discover and groom young children with talents, Josh 2017 will focus on two genres of performing arts – Vocals and Dance. The event will be spread over two phases, where children will be tested in all the two genres in group, as well as in individual capacities.

Program Details

The first phase of the program will be dedicated to Auditions, where participants from several institutions and schools will be invited. Each participant will take part in one or more genre and showcase their skills as solo performer or in groups. Based on their performances, top 10 in each genre would be selected for the Grand Finale.

The 2nd phase will see the Grand Finale. The Top 10 performers selected during Auditions in each genre will perform again, and based on this the best Artists would be selected and awarded, concluding the program.

Josh 2017 is likely to be attended by more than 2,000 participants from various institutes and schools, accompanied by their parents, teachers and other well-wishers.

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